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Do you want to discover real Moscow? Then, you’re in the right place!

On this site you will find the most interesting Moscow tours. The best Moscow guides will help you discover all surprising and unique facts and objects that the capital of Russia can offer you.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” Nicholas Roerich wrote “Nothing enriches you like a journey!”. Travelling helps you to discover what where hidden by everyday routine, broaden your horizons, realize your dreams.

If you decided to travel in Russia and visit Moscow you are probably in front of a completely new world. Ask yourself: what do I know about this country, its culture, its capital city?

If you can think only of a few unclear pieces of information, don’t worry: in fact, many Moscow inhabitants don’t not much more about their native city.

The touristic Club “The world of Moscow” was created for people who love traveling and discovering new places. Here every traveler will find the perfect tour for him.

Professional, experienced and passionate touristic guides will help you discover Moscow and you will gain a new way of seeing this city and the Russian world. Our project is mainly about finding enthusiasts really interested in learning more about Moscow and broadening their horizons.

Our purpose? It’s to make Moscow tours more various and interesting.

Our priority? It’s to find a personalized approach to each tourist.

Our itineraries are created to fit your needs and wishes. We organize tours for individuals, groups or corporate groups.

We offer personalized itineraries for scholastic groups, depending on children’s age, school program and teachers’ and parents’ requests.

The cost of the tours varies depending on the number of the participants and the duration of the tour. Discounts for children and student are also offered.

We cordially welcome you in our club “The world of Moscow”! We invite you to take active part in the life of the club: please send us your opinions, suggestions and requests.

Join us!

Our website: www.world-moscow.ru

The leader of the project

Mariya Antonenko

Qualified Moscow tour guide

Some of our tours:

  • Arbat street and its side-streets
  • The Kremlin is right behind the corner
  • The Masons in Moscow
  • The way of the Golden Horde
  • Kuznetsky Most and its surroundings
  • A walk on the Bolshaya Nikitskaya street
  • Tour of Moscow fountains
  • Medieval Moscow
  • Moscow’s Boulevards
  • The style of Moscow
  • Mystical Moscow

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